Car Seat Yoyko Bear Spin 0-36 Kg ISOFIX / SIP / LATCH





The most valuable asset, our health and baby car seats specially produced yoyko in Turkey for safety!
All eyes will be on your baby with a strong and light sporting frame with a special isofix connection!
With its special textured fabric and filled mattress, your baby will not be affected by the tremor and will sleep comfortably!
With your ECE R44 / 04 certificate, Yoyko car seats pass the safety tests and your child is safe!
The car is also easily connected with the isofix, specially designed for safety!
Yoyko car seats are specially used in the fight against the head and the size of your child's SIP technology is used!
Provides a comfortable trip to your baby with 3 tiered sleep features.


360 ° rotability:


· With the 360 ​​° swivel function, you can take your child to a swivel position. You can set it every 45 degrees locked.

· With a 360 ° swivel feature, you can easily place your child in the car seat and make belt connections.

· Can be used from birth through a portable pouch with extra padding. When your child gets older, you can take out the inner pads and offer a larger sitting area.

· The 360 ​​° swivel feature has a certain degree of rigidity. The reason for this rigidity is related to the compatibility of the rotation of the seat and the locking mechanism at every 45 degrees.


The recommended the retail price 219 Euro all TAXE included.

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