Yokyo Innovation Baby Car 3in1 Travel System


The most valuable asset of our product especially for the health and safety of our yoyko hotmo my strollers in Turkey!
Modern, robust and lightweight aluminum production specialized all eyes will be on your baby safe and sporty!
P baby wheels affected by vibrations and comfortable car with your baby sleeping!
Protect your baby with additional adjustable UV filter shadows!
Your baby is very comfortable and comfortable with a two-way system!

The complex is anti-allergic!


* Aluminum construction
* Robust, lightweight and elegant appearance

* Skin Complex Anti-allergic

* Ability to use bidirectional acknowledgments

* Life unit adjustable in 3 different positions

* Special front and rear wheels suspended
Oversized inflatable rear wheels with anti-vibration
* All wheels come out very easily and wear out
* The front wheels can be easily adjusted in one direction

* Special leather port and rewind skin
* Extra filled carpet for the first months of baby's use (0-8 months)

* You can easily ride and remove the main ride.
* You can mount the main cover in two directions.

* Easy to use innovation with major tours.

* Special front wheels
* All wheels come out very easily and wear out
* 360 degree rotating wheels, easy to use

* Cold-resistant leather foot cover gift!

* Special waterproof gift!

* Mother's Gift Bag Gift!

* Special sleeping bag gift!

* Mosquito gift!

* Mat Cottage Gift!

* Port windproof baby gift!

* Easy to use with leather step canopy system

* 5-point seat belts
* Soft Pads on shoulder belts
* Adjustable backrest multi-position,
* Front bar removable and easy to install

* Lower basket wide, practical and fibrous
* Durable quality anti-allergic leather with double stitching

* Braking system / locking on rear wheels
* Simple and powerful braking system with remote control

* Create an additional canopy with special sun canopy
* Luxurious appearance with quality awning, easy handling

* You can open open vent in summer thanks to the special structure that can provide thermal insulation held off normal days

* Leather retention arms flexible, ergonomic and durable
* Parental adjustment function

* 70cm high and close to the mother

* Small footprint once folded

* Product weight: 11 kg
* Load capacity: 25 kg


Innovation Portbebe:

Group 0+ (for children up to 8 months)
Special antiallergic,
Extra soft special mat,
Soft absorbent pad covered
With leather windbreaker

Adjustable leather cover

Product weight: 3 kg
Load capacity: 13 kg


Car Seat:

ECE R44 / 04 Certified
Group 0+ (for babies up to 13 kg)
The transport seat can be used as the main tower,
Extra soft special mat,
Shock absorbing safety pads
Adjustable waist height adjustment
Transport handle that can be used in 3 different positions (transport position, fixed position, pivot position)
Product weight: 2.8 kg
Load capacity: 13 kg


recommended retail price 879Euro all VAT included.

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