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Tokyo Ultimate Air Baby Colors
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Tokyo Ultimate Air Travel System Baby Car 3in1

tokyo baby carriages produced specifically for the health and safety of our baby, our most valuable asset is now in Turkey!
Aluminum is modern, sturdy and lightweight with special production sporty frame and all eyes will be on your baby!
The first four in Turkey affected by the suspension jounce and comfortable car with your baby baby sleeps!
Your baby is fully safe with Ultimate Air, which has EN1888 certification and passed security tests!
Your baby is very comfortable and comfortable with large duplex inflatable wheels!


* Aluminum Construction
* Robust, lightweight and stylish appearance
* 2 Special large suspension thanks to minimal vibration and comfort
* Ergonomic, Durable, Soft Holder
* Parental Adjustment Feature
* Ability to use bi-directional thanks
* Special zip pocket and water bottle files in back region
* Living unit adjustable to 3 different positions
* Adjustable Foot Unit
* Lowering Your Baby's Height According to Proportion
* Living unit that can also be used as a portable
* Extra padded mat for baby's first months
(0-6 months)
* You can easily mount and remove the main lap.
* You can use your main lap Duplex.
* Cold-proof Footprint Gift!
* Special Quality Raincoat Gift!
* 5 Point Safety Belts
* Soft Pads on Shoulder Belts
* Multi-position adjustable backrest,
* Removable and 360 degree front bar
* Wide and Convenient Bottom Basket
* Double Stitched Durable Material
* 360 Degree Rotating and Fixed Front Impact Absorbent
* Vibration Isolation System Wheels
* Design that is easy to turn and easy to use
* Brake / Lock System on Rear Wheels
* Remote controlled one-button braking system
* 5 Step Custom Lycra Fabric Tent
* Awnings ahead Private Canopy
* Inflatable Large Duplex Rear Wheels
* Special Pump Gift!
* Small footprint and support without standing when folded
* Product Weight: 12.5kg
* Carrying Capacity: 15kg

Mom's Car Seat:

ECE R44 / 04 certified
Group 0+ (for babies up to 13 kg)
The carrying seat can be used as the main lap,
Special extra soft matte,
Shock absorbing safety belt pads
Adjustable belt height adjustment
Transport handle that can be used in 3 different positions (transport position, fixed position, swing position)
Product Weight: 2.8 kg
Carrying Capacity: 13 kg


We recommended the retail price 429 Euro all TAXE included.

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